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Disposable tableware is becoming more popular every day. Not a single picnic is possible without disposable plates, spoons, forks. Cafes, pubs, fast food restaurants and other institutions are increasingly using it, improving the quality of their service. It’s generally difficult to imagine the work of vending machines without this simple but very necessary invention, which, by the way, is over a hundred years old!

Paper and plastic packaging is purchased wholesale most often for the service sector. It has particular importance in the segment of catering, hygiene and profitability. A large flow of customers and high speed of service are not compatible with endless washing of dirty cutlery, and the implementation of takeaway or delivery food is simply not possible without the use of plastic or cardboard containers. Plastic tableware allows you to buy any dish and deliver it to the greatest distances.

Buy disposable tableware in bulk is not only necessary for business, but also for home use. Just think how wonderful is to celebrate a holiday or just relax in the country, when you don’t have to wash the dishes after a big noisy party. Isn’t this the dream of any housewife?